tisdag 20 mars 2018

Post-Session Report, Session 01

We have now had our first session of my Dungeon Fantasy campaign and it feels really nice to finally be up and running and the players seemed to be enjoying it aswell.

We had a total of three fights to get us warmed up with all the skill mods, hit locations, major wounds, range ruler etc that is GURPS advanced combat. I missed a few things like how to properly use Wild Swings (maximum skill 9!) and the difference between Wild Swing and Move and Attack but on the whole it had a nice flow to it I think. I'm going to look through the rules about fighting with a shield a bit more aswell since it seems like there are a few more drawbacks than I initially thought.

Also if anyone out there has a link to a chart that converts +damage to +dice please share it with me because I can't seem to find it, I know the conversion is pretty simple but it would be nice to have it in print. Right now the Flail-armed Weapon Master has 2d+8 swing damage, that should convert to something like 4d+1.

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