söndag 15 juli 2018

Go Figure: Additional work on Goblins, Hobgoblins and Cave Troll done

Vacation at home leaves some time for painting, and my neighbor has lent me his box of Vallejo Model Colours which he can claim back any day so I'm under pressure to use it as much as possible before that happens which equals some pretty productive miniature painting days. =)

 This is the pack of Hobgoblins I ordered from Otherworld Miniatures a couple of weeks ago, they turned out ok I think. Had a little problem with placing the eyes but otherwise it went fine.

They I had my first try on a big guy, this Reaper Miniatures Cave Troll. I basically followed this guide to great effect and then made some halfasset highlighting on top which in hindsight was really unneccessary.

 So this is basically what I've finished this far. I hope I will have time to do a couple more before going out of town in a few days.

onsdag 11 juli 2018

Laws of the Dungeon: Wealth in DFRPG

The new player who is joining my game (a Barbarian) will start off with the disadvantage Wealth: Struggling (-10p). Noone has chosen a wealthlevel thus far so now I'm thinking how to make it impact the game. Basically my approach is that a players "loot xp" gained is based upon what that player is selling (counting base sale value). This means that a player with Wealthy could sell everything to score the party some extra coin but it would also mean that player will get all the xp for that loot. For Struggling players this means that the party will lose some coin total if that player is to gain the same amount of xp from loot as the others.

måndag 9 juli 2018

New Player coming aboard!

One of my current players will probably be away from the game for an extended period so I decided to invite another player. We've been playing together on and off for almost ten years and he will play an Amazon (Barbarian template) which I have named Joan the Warrior Princess, we'll see if he decides to keep that name or not.

söndag 8 juli 2018

Quick review: Yoon-Suin and the Peridot

A couple of weeks ago the print-on-demand books Yoon-Suin and The Peridot arrived in my mailbox. They're made by Dave McGrogan and they are the first books I've ordered PoD and I must say the quality is pretty good. Not sure if I'll be able to use the Yoon-Suin setting in my current campaign but the (very irregularly) published zine The Peridot has some interesting articles I'm hoping to implement one way or the other.

lördag 7 juli 2018

Go figure: Goblin pack done!

The first minis to get a splash of paint were my nine goblins who already have featured in two sessions so I figured I have to show them some love (even though they have done an awful job in trying to hurt the PC's). They got their weapons, chainmail and details done yesterday and this is the final result.

The only thing left is to put them on proper bases for stability and clarity on the tactical board.
Now let's just hope the PC's decide to have another go at them so I have a chance to show them off in battle. =)