lördag 3 mars 2018

Hello fantastic world!

Hello Dungeon Lovers!

My name is Muggi and right now I'm in the process of splitting the map of the Caves of Chaos from the Gary Gygax 1979 ADnD-adventure The Keep on the Borderlands into four floors and adding and changing a bit here and there for use against a group of four delvers hopefully sometime in the near future, characters are made and the first real playsession is scheduled in a few weeks time. I'm hoping to post parts of their journal alongside my own accounts as the Dungeon Master.

Ruleset will be GURPS Dungeon Fantasy and characters are 250-point standard delvers. "Why GURPS?" you might ask? Well I've always loved GURPS for the way it incorporates character background and personality in the character creation process through mainly disadvantages but it is also to an extent reflected in the advantages and skills one chooses. It's even better with Dungeon Fantasy where the classes have a pretty congested set of options to choose from which ensures that players pick traits and abilities that are relevant to the kind of character they're playing.

The other thing I'm psyched about is the tactical combat that will be a big part of the campaign. I've always wanted to learn the GURPS rules properly but it's always been the 100+ pages of combat rules that have prevented me from taking the final step over the line. This time I'm going to really try and bring the players along for the journey and make them get involved in the rules and thereby learn them better myself.

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