onsdag 21 mars 2018

GURPS Resources: Gnolls and Kobolds

As most people who try their luck GM'ing GURPS knows is that it can be really hard to find good resource-material so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you want a particular monster or NPC in your campaign. Some material can be found in different GURPS sourcebooks but it's usually in the form of "templates" or "lenses" for you to build your NPC around which can be really tedious for something that you only plan to be a fodder-fight or townsperson but you still want to have balanced and somewhat fleshed out characteristics.

The Gurps Repository is a good place to start if you just want a random monster. The entries are a bit varied in terms of quality but sometimes it's nice to just pull a monster straight of the web.

One site I found the other day is Michael Amos' Gurps Page that has some really thought through material on Gnolls and Kobolds in a format that I really appreciate, there's also a small dungeon writeup for each of the races. Since both races feature in the Caves of Chaos I think this is excellent material for someone playing that particular scenario with the GURPS or GURPS Dungeon Fantasy ruleset. I ended up using some Gnoll spear-throwers and Macemen straight away for a nightly random encounter which wasn't much trouble for the PC's, mostly due to these Gnolls being really supersticious and on the edge which I will get to in my Session Report that's coming up soon.

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