PC's, past and present

Here I will collect information about Player Characters that have joined at least one session of my Dungeon Fantasy campaign.

Currently there are five PC's:

Amore, son of Cassanova - Human Duelist (Swashbuckler Template)
Armed with two shortswords and an insatiable thirst for romance this young man decided to leave his family behind in the big city and look for adventure in all the wrong dungeons.

Honest Ernst - Human Ranger (Scout Template)
Although a little bit quirky around others this ranger knows how to get around the wilderness as well as shoot up some orc with his bow. His brutal honesty will sooner or later get the party in trouble though.

Boerge the Beef - Human Thug (Knight template)
Son of a rural warlord, he saw his village sacked by orcs and his family slain. This grumpy youngster then took to the roads as a fairly successful leader of a group of highwaymen. Years later, when hearing rumors that the orc tribe who murdered his family was still around he disbanded the gang and set of  with one of his most promising henchmen and his loyal to a fault weapon caddie to exact his vengeance.
 - Sture the Stone, 62-point Ally (Guard Template)
 - Benny the Bee, 62-point Ally (Weapon Caddie Template)

Father Wår - Priest (Cleric Template)
This religious fanatic is doing his best to rouse the party against all things evil or evil-aligned. But the bigger question is: is he drawn to evil or is evil drawn to him?

D'Joan, Warrior Princess - Amazon (Barbarian Template)
From the wild eastern jungles, this vicious maid has come to Northern Gate to search for clues regarding an anchestral relic, the golden loincloth.

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