tisdag 3 april 2018

Post-session Report: Session 02

We had another session of delving the Caves of Chaos yesterday and it was pretty eventful. Among the things that happened was:

* We got to know what Amore had been up to while the party was away for the first delve and he was basically up to no good.

* On the way to the caves they found undead where their first campsite had been, ignoring the for the time being

* When they arrived they made lousy observation and strategy-rolls and just decided to run straight into a new cave-opening. Inside they met a troupe of goblins.

* They found another sleeping bear, this time letting it be.

* The made a visit to the Hobgoblin Restaurant, became a little displeased with the service so they decided to leave with the silverwear.

Rules checkups until next session:

* Slam and Knockback-rules

* Walking, striking and shooting through occupied hexes.

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