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Session 05: The beating of the Hobgoblins

Date: 2018-09-18

D'Joan - Amazon Warrior (Barbarian Template)
Boerge the Beef - Human Thug (Knight Template) - 259p
 - Sture the Stone (Guard)
 - Kent the Ball (Torchbearer)
Father Wör - Human Priest of the Lord of Light (Cleric Template)
Honest Ernst - Human Ranger (Scout Template) - 256p

This game started off where sessions #3 and #4 had ended, at their camp set up a few hundred yards away from the Caves of Chaos with the injured and poisoned D'Joan and Ernst meeting up with Boerge and his allies and Father War. Amore were nowhere to be seen. The informed each other of their respective adventures and D'Joan introduced herself to the party and was welcomed into the group with some lay on hands by Father War.

After hearing about the Hobgoblin lair from the other party members D'Joan was certain that was the one that the Hermit had wanted them to clear and the others were pretty keen on exploring that one some more aswell. Boerge in his usual style suggested they would immediately walk down the slope to enter but D'Joan convinced him to get some time to scout the area since she hadn't seen it before they took to action. Said and done, she noticed nothing new apart from what the group had already seen before. Then they sent Ernst forward to scout and then, if the coast is clear, Bird Call for them to walk around the slope to enter the old strip mine from the roadside to avoid the risk of falling or alerting groups hanging out around the other entrances on the south side.

They managed to enter the same entrance again and saw the same thin rope hanging by the ceiling across the cave as last time. They figured it must be an alarm for the Hobgoblins to alert the sleeping bear they saw a few sessions ago so the set Ernst on disarming it with a DX-based Traps and succeeded (they didn't hear any bells ringing when he did anyways and no bear came charging. They decided again to leave the bear and go for the Hobgoblin door again. On the way there, Boerge critted his Vision to spot a fishline ankle high a few yards before they reached the door. Ernst disarmed this one aswell without setting it off. When they arrived at the door it had a new sign on it: "Closet for Ranovation". D'Joan wanted to break down the door but realized that it would probably be to sturdy, even for her without any special tools available. Boerge used the door clapper instead to see if someone would open anyways. By the second try they noticed that the rope that was hanging by the ceiling started moving but nothing more happened. Now they got the idea to start sounding like they were attacked by the bear to maybe lure the Hobgoblins out. Both D'Joan and Ernst used Animal Sounds to sound like an angry bear while everyone made shouts and sounds of battle before turning quiet. A few seconds later the door slowly opened....

D'Joan was ready to pull the door open as soon as it started moving and the battle was on. Boerge charged ahead and instantly knocked the one opening the door to the ground with his patented Flail to Jaw-move. D'Joan had to move around the open door which slowed her progress down. Ernst had some trouble finding a clean target in the narrow corridor (at least they are now 2 yards wide and not 1 as they were before I realized every square on the map is 2x2 yards and not 1x1) but managed to shoot another one in the face anyways. Two crossbowmen standing further down the corridor also waited to get clean shots which happened when Boerge felled another one of their comrades and D'Joan decided to close in on them. One bolt missed and the other one hit Boerges shield. Then they turned and ran down the corridor but only one of them managed to escape, the other getting an arrow in the back. Boerge forgot to mention to D'Joan what was beyond the turn in the corridor last time they were here (2 hobgoblins behind a table with ready crossbows). They only managed to anger D'Joan though who critted her Forced Entry to not only break the table but in the same move managed to use it to bash at the two Hobgoblins behind it, knocking them out in a pile of splinters.

After a short round of looting which only bagged them a few weapons and a couple of coins they opened another door and Boerge charged in. Inside was four battle-ready Hobgoblins ready for ambush. One managed to impale his right buttcheek with a Halberd, creating a nasty wound before he and D'Joan managed to turn the fight in their favor. Neither Ernst nor Wör had any LoS on the opponents through the door and didn't feel risking running into the room. Instead two additional Hobgoblins charged in from behind. One got instantly arrowed in the face by Ernst but the other one reached them. The Fearless torchbearer Kent decided to get in the way and took a nasty wound, knocking him out cold before Ernst and Wör could finish the other one. After Wör had tended to Boerges butt and Kent's nasty wound they Searched the room. Boerge critfailed and accidentally opened and entered another door with Hobgoblins behind it, he quickly closed it while getting hit at to give his companions some time to prepare. They waited for a another few seconds without acting only to get attacked from behind, through the door from which they entered the room. With the last two Hobgoblin guards were a leader in plate which didn't pose much trouble in the end, his main-gauche was useless against Boerges flail and his Longsword unable to avoid Boerges blocking. When entering the room from which he came they encountered three Hobgoblin women huddled in a bed looking scared. They decided to leave them after checking them for loot (and finding one gold coin on one of them). In a pile of firewood they found a nice-looking wand. On the way out they took another haul from the armoury they found the last time they entered the hobgoblin lair.

XP was 3 for loot, 1 for exploration and another one for first leader kill! MVP went to D'Joan for nice combat tactics.

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