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ACT: Chainmail

My second entry in my series of Armour Customization Tables, today focusing on Chainmail and Elven Chainmail.


Chainmail is a flexible weave of riveted links. It's made by linking the individual links together in a strong weave that covers parts of or your whole body. It's very timeconsuming which means that pretty much anyone with enough time and riveted links on their hands can make a passable piece of chainmail. The metal quality needed to make wire is very low aswell, making the cost of materials a fraction of the cost of labour unless you want to make it out of Mithril which I will return to in a later post.

Since chainmail is made out of thousands of tiny links it is very easy to repair and maintain, you simply replace broken or damaged links with new ones as needed, this also means that it's not very effective at stopping blunt force and is almost always used with cloth or leather padding underneath.

Chainmail of regular quality is generally available off the shelf as long as there isn't active conflict in the area where available armour would quickly become requisitioned by the military, used mail armour could reasonably be found anywhere though. Chainmail of fine quality requires Apprentice-level (Armorer 9+) skill to make and usually needs to be commissioned, breaking apart a regular quality mail and fitting it to the wearer takes a quarter the listed time. Very fine quality chainmail requires Journeyman (Armorer 12+) skill and always needs to be commissioned. Linking mail counts as routine work so up to six armorers can work together, effectively dividing time consumtion by six.


Elven Mail

Chainmail made by elven armorers use the same materials and takes as long time as regular chainmail but are more resistant to blunt force. Whether it is a special technique used to make it or if magic is involved in the process is lost to armorers outside the elven communes. Elven mail-makers are usually resticted to making regular mail until they reach a higher skill-level which means that fine elven mail requires Journeyman skill(Armorer 12+) and very fine requires expert skill(Armorer 16+). Expert Elven Armorers can also start making Elven Mithil Mail but that will be covered in a later post.

A PC's ability to buy Elven Armour is resticted not only by the availability of Elven Armourers of high enough skill but also his standing among the elves. Any PC without the "Elven Gear"-perk will have to add 10% to the price of Elven Mail. If the party is not on friendly terms with the community in with the armorer resides they might be barred completely from commissioning Elven Mail.


Regular Mail Elven Mail
Work Qual Wt (lbs) Cost Cost Work (h)
DR 3 Regular 27,0 $ 2 352 $ 3 051 891
Fine 21,6 $ 4 257 $ 5 681 713
Very Fine 18,9 $ 10 794 $ 14 610 624
DR 4 Regular 34,0 $ 2 961 $ 3 842 1122
Fine 27,2 $ 5 361 $ 7 154 898
Very Fine 23,8 $ 13 592 $ 18 397 785
DR 5 Regular 41,0 $ 3 571 $ 4 633 1353
Fine 32,8 $ 6 465 $ 8 626 1082
Very Fine 28,7 $ 16 391 $ 22 185 947

Traits DR -2 vs cr

Routine work Up to six armourers of high enough skill can work on the armour in tandem, dividing the work hours among them

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